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Alpaca Ownership and Husbandry

Our course offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience on owning alpacas. Whether you have always dreamt of owning alpacas or have started your own herd and wish to seek more advice and guidance, this course is perfect for you! Owning alpacas since 2005 we have many years of experience caring for and breeding with alpacas, JandJ will ensure you are prepared for your exciting alpaca venture.

Half a day is needed to learn about alpaca history, care and husbandry and alpaca trek, with ‘hands on’ experience. You will also have an information sheet to take home, to refresh your memory and refer back to. We also offer aftercare and support – we’re only a phone call away! If you decide to purchase alpacas from JandJ, your course fee will be refunded.

Caring for your alpacas with confidence!

Please contact us to arrange the start of your alpaca adventure!

£40 per person

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