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Horizon Alpacas are the UK's largest 'Grey Alpaca herd'.
Located in the South West of England Horizon Alpacas herd now plays a more prominent role in our farming life with aims and ambitions being to "breed and produce quality coloured alpacas suitable for every need".

To us alpacas offer a unique opportunity to work with and develop one of the most fascinating and pleasurable of livestock species. We are breeding a full range of colours and look forward to significant improvements in our quality, confirmation and fleece in the next few years.

With years of practical livestock breeding experience we find working with alpacas both delightful and very rewarding. We are prepaired to help and assist you with any matters relating to UK alpaca farming, breeding, showing and general management services.

Self Catering UK Holiday Cottages
Our holiday cottages take the form of many different styles, from a traditional country farmhouse to the ultra-modern luxury accommodation with all thegadgets & gizmos a person could possibly desire!

Many of the cottages have their own private hot tub, sauna or swimming pool. There are hundreds of cottages available in the ever popular South West of England but you will also find great cottages across the UK in coastal and countryside locations. Start your search today for a fantastic cottage holiday adventure.